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Computers :
We can build computers to any specification you require. Fancy an upgrade to your existing computer ? There is now a diverse range of products for computers and it can be tricky to decide what is best. We can help so please feel free to ask us.

Broadband :
Not got broadband yet? Well its not to late to jump on the bandwagon. With speeds at least 10 times faster than dial-up its a must if your cost of surfing seems way too high. Just ask us what you want and let us quote you for supply and installation. This can also be installed as a wireless service if required.

Laptops/Notebooks :
We can supply all makes and models of laptops. Tell us what you require from your laptop and we will do our utmost to find you a Laptop/Notebook that will be up to the job. We can also repair most makes of laptops within reason. Give us a call and ask.

Printers :
We can quote and supply any printer you are after. Our preferred range though are HP and Epson printers as these we feel offer good value for money at the lower end of the market and good quality and robustness at the other end. Also we can supply and install maintenance kits and repair kits for all types of printers. Let us know what you want.